“T4T is an event I recommend to everybody.

From Bucharest to Krakow, it was a long travel thru Cluj Napoca and Budapest but was totally worth it!

Nice hostel, good food, great sessions. Sometimes you barely noticed the OC, they were really busy
with the other event that was hold in parallel with T4T, but everything was closely planned and any
request you had they were there to help you out.

Our trainers: Nera, Duc, Luka and Thanos are great. They worked with us every day, even if they had
a training session or not. Their different training styles motivated everybody and a stream of constant
feedback made this event really successful.

T4T implies a lot of hard work, a 10 minutes presentation took us one hour to prepare and our first
one hour training took us all night to plan. But after holding it and receiving your first feedbacks there
was no better feeling.

The best people you meet are here, in T4T, they are ambitious, strongly motivated, hard working
but also fun and crazy. You can be sure that your partner will be great because all of the participants are
great. And even if it took you a whole night to prepare the training, when you panicked and when you
laughed, when you asked for help and when you pretended you knew everything, the most important
thing is that you weren’t alone, you had your partner and the advice of your trainers.

When deciding to be a trainer is really important you have a strong motivation because this event
can pass you as if it never happened or change your future. For me, well, let’s admit that I can’t wait to
hold my next training and become an official EESTEC Trainer.

Don’t forget T4T is just a beginning.”

by Emilia Buhaev