The Electrical Engineering STudents’ European assoCiation is an apolitical, non-governmental and non-profit organization which targets and trains through it’s activities students from electrical profile Universities, Institutes and Technical Schools in Europe. The association was founded in The Netherlands, in 1986. Nowadays, EESTEC is present in 29 universities across Europe.EESTEC’s main goal is to promote, establish and develop international contacts and an exchange of ideas between students in electrical profile faculties.The activity of this organization relies on the skills, enthusiasm, openness and will of involvement of its members, also pursuing their professional development and the improvement of their technical knowledge.

EESTEC LC Bucharest displays its activity within the Politehnica University of Bucharest, thus being placed in the most appropriate environment for fulfilling its exclusive academic purposes.

Our MISSION is to provide education complementary to that offered in universities to students willing to broaden their horizons and put in practice their skills. EESTEC wishes to facilitate the communication between the academic and the economic environment. We offer the students a handful of opportunities to build their desired career. We promote students that have technical knowledge as well as knowledge that will make them suited for today’s demands. In this way we also address companies easing their contact with young men and women with various skills, ready to integrate in the environment they will be active in as future specialists

Who we are and how we got here?

Each of us has his own story but our common goals brought us together. Maybe most important is the fact that all of us realized that we want to be more than engineers after graduating. We want to know how to communicate with different people with different backgrounds, we want to interact with specialists in our Industry and students form various European universities and last but not least we wish to travel and approach educational matters differently than we do in faculty. In the process of reaching these goals we founded EESTEC LC Bucharest. We have understood that we need EESTEC as young people, as students and as future specialists.

This is how the first legal document of EESTEC LC Bucharest started, association founded in December 2002. We wish to thank the Ljubljana and Budapest Local Committees for helping us in our attempt.

In April 2003 EESTEC LC Bucharest is granted full membership to the International Association through the decision of the General Assembly reunited at the EESTEC Congress within Cubes, Cosenza, obtaining legal status locally in May 2004. From the very beginning EESTEC LC Bucharest made itself known internationally through the activity of its members.

The first event organized by EESTEC LC Bucharest was the Exchange within the Medieval Festival of Sighisoara, attended by 35 EESTEC members. Between the 17th and the 24th of October 2004, EESTEC LC Bucharest organized its first International Workshop, called “Energy, Always a Challenge”. This event brought together 30 students from various universities across Europe.

What followed were a series of Local and International events:

  • Balkan Power Summer School (October 2nd – October 9th 2005)
  • Energy, Always a Challenge – Energy for sustainable Development (October 30th – November 6th 2005)
  • Cut The Wires, Ride The Wave (November 20th – November 27th 2005)
  • Home, Smart Home (May 1st – May 7th 2006)
  • Axway-EESTEC Olympics Programming Contest (May 20th – May 21st 2006)
  • Numerous training sessions for our members
  • Recruitment and motivational events

EESTEC LC Bucharest was also involved in organizing three far-reaching international conferences:

  • Balkan Power Conference
  • Danube Region Business Conference
  • Energy and Environment International Conference

Internationally, EESTEC LC Bucharest promoted and finally created new traditions such as ICE (Inner Circle of EESTEC) and EESTEC Hour, events dedicated to members all across Europe.